Foyer Gallery Exhibition – July 2016


An Accidental JourneyDscn0740

Through my mother, Rua Osborne, art has been in my life as long as I can remember. She was artistic in everything she did and painted all her life. She was a partner in Gallery A in Sydney in the 60’s and & 70’s and a great collector, so our home was always full of wild and wonderful cutting edge contemporary art.

Mum and my sister were the artists in the family while I was the musician.  I didn’t begin to paint until 1997 when I joined artist friends on a painting trip to Broome.  It was during this trip – watching and learning and gently guided – that I got the first taste of the wonderful and surprising place that artists go to; where self is lost and time loses it’s edges. I have chased this ever since. Plus, every now and then, I am pleasantly surprised by my painting.

Over the years I have had guidance from artist and teacher Peter Scott and have   done several art units at TAFE.

I have never tired of this journey I have found myself on and I am pleased to have this opportunity to share the outcome with you. All thanks to Arts Margaret River for the venue and for their support.  This has encouraged me to step up to the mark and go public with my “Accidental Journey”.

The exhibition continues until Thursday 28th July. Open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm.