Arts Margaret River is a community arts organisation which exists to support and nurture the work of artists across all disciplines, and fosters engagement with the Arts in our community. For five decades the organisation has offered the opportunity for a multiplicity of creative endeavours under the auspices of a vibrant creative team and now holds a unique position in the WA regional and Australian landscape of being based within the state-of-the-art facility called Nala Bardip Mia/Margaret River HEART.

Board members, december 10, 2023
Sunday sundowners


Our aim is achieved through a variety of programs: music of all forms, theatre and dance performances, cinema screenings, visual art exhibitions and events, workshops, community celebrations such as free outdoor concerts and activities. Our premier event – the Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival – is the largest regional event of its kind in WA.


Our purpose is to enrich lives through the transformative power of the arts, fostering talent, and building a vibrant and inclusive community.

Run with support from our Sponsors, Friends and Members of Arts Margaret River and our multitude of volunteers, Arts Margaret River aims to provide Everyone in the region with the best of regional, national and international entertainment.

Our Values

Inclusivity: ArtsMR welcomes people from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities This ensures that diverse perspectives are represented and appreciated, cultivating a vibrant community.

Creativity: Curatorially creative in works that we source. We encourage and foster originality, expression and new projects. We make clear our intentions to nurture our own in this community and give them a platform.

Innovation: Embracing innovation in programming. We aim to find ways to tell new stories and the new realities that we are living through now and for our emerging artists and audiences.

Sustainability: Prioritising sustainability both environmentally and financially. We are environmentally responsible, ensuring financial health through diverse funding sources and continue our policy of future proofing our decisions.

This will require Art Margaret River to explore new ways to develop projects that are by, with and for our community.

Strategic Priorities

Support (Community Engagement): Tailoring arts events and programs to the interests and cultures of the local community ensures relevance and resonance. 

Create (Local Artists): Prioritizing opportunities for local artists to exhibit, create new works or perform enhances community pride and supports the local creative economy.

Present (Diverse Artistic Experiences): We select programs or pieces which stimulate and engage people – a program of events and activities that are original and innovative which connect to different groups within our community.