Arts connecting Margaret River

Heather locke
Arts connecting margaret river
Arts connecting margaret river
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Heather Locke OAM’s much anticipated book is now available!

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“Researching our history, recalling the characters and putting their stories back on stage for this book has been fun, full of surprises, sometimes sad but immensely satisfying.

Stories that help shine a spotlight (or a fresnel for the techs amongst us) on our small rural arts organisation that, for 50 years, has been a well loved part of the Margaret River community.

All the stories in this collection have a connection with Arts Margaret River, even if the thread of connection is as fine as a single silk thread in a tapestry!

More importantly these stories show the threads of connections that over the years have woven us all into a community that values its people, its natural beauty, its history and the talents of the artists, across all genres, that visit or live here.

We are all the richer for those who choose to make their homes amongst us and share the wonders of ‘the arts’.”

Arts connecting margaret river