The Tartan Fleck – Foyer Gallery Art Exhibition

An art exhibition that is more than just art.

Beginning so simply over a glass of whiskey in Edinburgh with traditional artisan paper maker Chrissie Heughan, the Tartan Fleck project grew into an international collaboration. Combining artists, communities and exploring our cultural heritage.

Project Manager Frith Crossley, has always held a strong interest in ancestry, the arts, history and cultural heritage and saw the Tartan Fleck as an opportunity to combine all four. Taking her cross-continental friendship with Chrissie and turning it into a project that was to become more than just an art exhibition.
The Tartan Fleck started as a visual celebration of the contributions of Scottish migrants to the rural South West Capes of Western Australia. Capturing the tales of Scottish Western Australian’s who have helped to shape the life of this area from its colonial roots to the present day.

With a focus on the South West Capes, The Tartan Fleck brings together the talents of Scottish artist Chrissie Heughan, with 12 local wineries to produce paper from grapevine cane. Providing a unique canvas for 12 talented regional artists, who through their works trace the ‘tartan influence’ of the South West Capes’ from past and present.

The Tartan Fleck Art Exhibition will run from Friday 3 November until Thursday 23 November (Monday to Friday 10am-4pm)

For more information visit THE TARTAN FLECK WEBSITE