Gallery Exhibition – Jenny Barr


Gracetown artist, Jenny Barr’s exhibition – “This Hopeful Shack” – explores a year of living in a  seaside shack through drawing, using only an Ipad with Adobe draw and an Apple pencil and large scale printing. The drawings are accompanied by a poem from Miriam Wei Wei Lo and timelapse projections of the drawing of drawings.

The drawings are a direct and idiosyncratic response to the unique interior environment contained within the walls of the small, original 1970’s beach shack that is both her home and studio – Barr’s ‘This Hopeful Shack’ series is a richly layered exploration of patterns and interior design elements presented in conjunction with incongruous motifs, imagery and themes drawn from the brine and the salty deep.

In these large-scale prints, the lines between inside and outside, environments both domestic and wild, and distinctions between nature and culture become blurred, then rendered moot and ultimately indistinguishable – all very real possibilities in this epoch of rising sea levels, extreme weather events and other increasingly common disruptions.

Official Opening: Friday March 6th 6-8pm

Margaret River HEART

Everyone welcome. Wines supplied by Elizabeth Reed of Flor Marché.

The exhibition continues until the 30th March 2020. Open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm.