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Photo by Travis Burke, Freediver Chelsea Yamasee Mres horizontal

Ocean Film Festival 2019 – Special Screening

Monday 11 March 7pm Australian audiences will be able to immerse themselves in the wonders of the ocean without getting their feet wet this coming March as the Ocean Film Festival Australia makes a splash in cinemas across the country. The festival, which features a carefully curated selection of the world’s most captivating ocean-themed will […]

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SOLD OUT – Ocean Film Festival 2018 – Special Screening

Designed to mesmerise and enthral, the 2018 Ocean Film Festival showcases more than two hours of sublime footage taken above and below the water’s surface.
This carefully curated selection of short films document the beauty and power of the ocean, and celebrate the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea’s salt spray; who chase the crests of waves; and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue.
The films feature captivating cinematography, complete with awe-inspiring underwater scenes and fast-paced wave sequences that have been captured from unbelievable vantage points.
Inspiring and thought-provoking, the Ocean Film Festival is filled with moving footage, touching interviews and insightful narrations. Each of the festival’s films conveys a deep respect and appreciation for the world’s oceans and the creatures that call them home.

Find out more at www.oceanfilmfestival.com.au

Doors and bar open from 6pm, movie commences at 7pm. 


Tickets: $30 Adult, Group (10+ purchased in one transaction) $28, Youth $23  (Youth must be accompanied by an adult as this is a licensed event)


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Sunday Cinema ~ The Music Of Strangers [M]

The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble
SPECIAL MOVIE AND MEAL option available – bookings essential.

Music/Musical ‧ 1h 36m

“The intersection of cultures is where new things emerge.”
– Yo-Yo Ma, cellist and founder of the Silk Road Ensemble

Over the past 16 years, an extraordinary group of musicians has come together to celebrate the universal power of music. Named for the ancient trade route linking Asia, Africa and Europe, The Silk Road Ensemble, an international collective created by acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma, exemplifies music’s ability to blur geographical boundaries, blend disparate cultures and inspire hope for both artists and audiences.
The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, the latest film from the creators of the Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet from Stardom and the critically-hailed Best of Enemies, follows an ever-changing lineup of performers drawn from the ensemble’s more than 50 instrumentalists, vocalists, composers, arrangers, visual artists and storytellers as they gather in locations across the world, exploring the ways art can both preserve traditions and shape cultural evolution.
Blending performance footage, personal interviews and archival film, director Morgan Neville and producer Caitrin Rogers focus on the journeys of a small group of Silk Road Ensemble mainstays from across the globe to create an intensely personal chronicle of passion, talent and sacrifice. Through these moving individual stories, the filmmakers paint a vivid portrait of a bold musical experiment and a global search for the ties that bind.
The Orchard presents, in association with Participant Media, HBO and The Silk Road Project, a film by Morgan Neville, The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble. The Producers are Morgan Neville and Caitrin Rogers. Executive producers are Participant Media’s Jeff Skoll and Diane Weyermann, The Silk Road Project’s Laura Freid, Cristin Canterbury Bagnall, Motto Pictures’ Julie Goldman, and HBO’s Sheila Nevins. The Director of Photography is Graham Willoughby. The Editors are Jason Zeldes and Helen Kearns.


**** “MUSICALLY DELIGHTFUL! A first-rate music film capturing a restless desire to communicate… the spirit of hybrid creativity is infectious.” – John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter
**** “AN IRRESISTIBLE KALEIDOSCOPE OF MUSIC AND GOOD FELLOWSHIP… Finds poetry in the ability of music to bring us home again, wherever we may travel.” – Moira MacDonald, The Seattle Times
**** “CONSISTENTLY ALIVE! So fun to watch. It’s most insightful message: changing the world through music.” – Tina Hassania, RogerEbert.com



SPECIAL TICKETS: Includes Movie ticket and a delicious bowl of soup & bread roll
Adult: $20, Arts Hub Member: $18, Youth: $14

Adults $14, Arts Hub Members $12, Youth $8

Book online or from the box office half an hour before the screening.
Online sales available until Friday 4pm, then tickets at the door.

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Friday Cinema ~ Le Ride [PG]


Sports/Documentary ‧ 1h 30m

The Amazing Race’s Phil Keoghan retraces the 1928 Tour de France in which four intrepid young men from Australia and New Zealand competed in the world’s toughest sporting event.

Summary: In 1928 an under-resourced and untested team from New Zealand and Australia competed in what is considered to be the toughest sporting event in the world. Many considered the entry of these courageous underdogs, racing as a team of 4 against teams of 10, a joke. One French journalist called their attempt nothing short of murder. 168 riders started the more than 3,500-mile race, only 41 finished. Surprisingly this remarkable story about the achievements of these brave athletes has never been told on film, until now. Phil Keoghan – television personality, adventurer and cycling enthusiast, retraces the 1928 Tour de France route, bringing history to life. Following the original course and schedule, riding a vintage bike, Phil and his team will average 150 miles a day for 22 stages.

Director: Phil Keoghan


Adults $14, Arts Hub Members $12, Youth $8

Book online or from the box office half an hour before the screening.
Online sales available until Friday 4pm, then tickets at the door.

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