Alice Linford Forte – Wildflowers

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Oil on canvas
1040 x 1500mm

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My approach to painting has always been to feel my way around intuitively and spontaneously. Over the years I’ve learnt to be more patient in my method, applying layers slowly and methodically. My usual abstract works consist of bright colours, stark contrasts and negative space, drawing the eye to the areas of detail.

My ultimate goal is to produce paintings of ambiguity, open to interpretation and without constraint. I like to feel I can freely express myself without the limitation of straight lines or measured purpose.

Lately, I’ve been equally as drawn to the West Australian landscape as the abstracts. Wild, turbulent skies and stormy seas can always be expected in my depictions of the Margaret River region.

Sometimes a coincidental juxtaposition of a strange mountain and a gull on an old much worn jetty pile reverberates delightfully.

Dimensions 86 × 86 cm
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