Peter Moir – Down to the beach

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Acrylic on canvas
760mm x 650mm

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All of us observe our surroundings in different ways and at different levels. As an artist I am inspired by the ever-changing south west beach scapes and forests surrounding my Margaret River home; by the vibrant colours and stark, raw, rugged beauty of Karijini, the Pilbara and our north-west; and the energy, contours and life of the human form and face.

Depicting the human form is one of the most challenging and rewarding things an artist can do, and undoubtedly one of the most difficult. As a representational artist working from life, I don’t want to either idealise or romanticise and I don’t want to objectify either. I love the changing shapes and shadows of the body. Every model brings a different energy and her own charm to the work.

Many of the landscapes are a result of my regular camping trips to the north-west, depicting the vibrant colours, haunting presence and ancient textures of the Kimberley and Pilbara. These works range from the reflections at low tide on 80 Mile Beach, to the ranges of the Pilbara and to the sculpted shapes of Karijini.

My beach and dune paintings attempt to capture the light, shade and wind which sculpt and form the bright and spare dunes and shore. It is important to me to accurately depict the living ecology of the beach, which is dynamic and fragile – the colonising plants, such as sedges and grasses; and in more sheltered niches, the shrubby plants. Locations range the entire Western Australian coast, from Cape Leveque to Rottnest to Esperance, each place having its unique colours and geology.

Dimensions 760 × 560 cm
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