Rika Rouw – It’s Raining Men Day

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Pen and ink on paper

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I really enjoyed creating “it’s Raining Men”. This pen and ink drawing was inspired by the exuberant girls rock anthem by Geri Haliwell “it’s Raining Men, Hallelujah” It was created on one of those long rainy days in winter, when this anthem was the perfect pick me up!

It is set in Bridgetown and is a play on The Bridgetown Blues Festival 20 years ago, depicting ladies catching men in a wide variety of ways: in the back of a Holden ute, in a wheel barrow, on horseback, in a big net, one lady is even “hooking” a fella with an umbrella from a second floor balcony. There are all types and ages of men and it is loosely drawn from real life characters depicting those who could be found in any pub in the south west. My choice to use just use black and white makes it more a cartoon style drawing, fun and frivolous.

I have lived and worked as an artist in the Margaret River region since the early 70’s. My art draws on real life experiences and everyday happenings to create whimsical ceramic sculptures, paintings and pottery, in addition I also conduct community arts workshops locally and in the North West.

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