Kay Gibson – Beautiful Barn Owl

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Gouache and Fumage on embossed paper
650mm x 800m framed

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I am passionate about the natural environment and many of the plants and animals that I encounter around my home in Margaret River and throughout my travels feature in my work. I love the qualities of paper, the way in which it captures the subtleties of gouache and holds the embossing I create with local plants. In these types of works, I emulate the role of fire and regeneration by using fumagé, a technique that deposits the smoke and soot from a candle onto the paper giving the work an ethereal appearance.

In contrast, I have been working on a series of wetland birds from time spent in the Northern Territory. Some are large scale works on paper with printed backgrounds from etched zinc plates with elegant waterbirds delicately painted in thin layers of acrylic reminiscent of Chinese scrolls. I continue to find new ways of representing my subjects including collage and sculptures made from paper maché.

I have been a finalist twice in The Waterhouse Natural History Prize at the SA Australian Museum and a finalist in the 41st Alice Prize in Alice Springs in 2020.

Dimensions 65 × 80 cm
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