Keep the ART in the heART

The Shire Council will be meeting on Wednesday 28th August at 2pm where they will be voting on the future management of the Margaret River HEART.

At this point we have made all of our submissions and presented our petition and I do not believe there is anything further we can add that will affect this decision. I would like to thank you all for the support that you have  shown to us. We must now respect the council’s right to decide on this matter with the information that they have at hand.


At the conclusion of the meeting many of us will have strong personal feelings one way or another regarding this matter. I do not think that we should rush to make any statements that may affect our future, we must take on board everything that has been said and make our decisions based on the best interest of Arts Margaret River for the future.

For this reason, I ask you to defer any questions to myself or Fred Affleck the President of Arts Margaret River.


Immediately following the meeting CinefestOZ will be presenting Storm in a Teacup. This documentary screening is about  Leon Pericles and his family who are valued members of our community. I would ask everyone to respect that this event is occurring and to not allow the council meeting to detract from what will be a very special event.

There will be time enough in the future to discuss what has happened and I would like us all to show our support for what will be a wonderful event.


Andrew Frith (General Manager)