A Readers & Writers Festival Fundraiser

Monday 30 October 6.30pm

Judy Nunn returns with a stunning portrait of love, hope and suvival on an isolated island off Western Australia in her latest book Sanctuary.

Many years ago, as part of a local writers’ festival, Judy had the opportunity to visit the Houtman Abrolhos, a chain of islands off the coast of Geraldton. The desolation of the islands was the perfect inspiration for her 14th novel, Sanctuary: What if people in search of sanctuary landed on this remote island, with no idea of where they might be, only to discover that, despite the starkness of the place, it provided everything necessary for their survival?

Sanctuary is a story about the human spirit; the will to survive under horrendous circumstances and the spirit of people who put themselves at risk to help those in peril, says Judy. It’s also a tale about love and compassion – this is by no means a ‘romantic’ novel, but it is probably the strongest ‘love story’ I’ve yet written, simply because it had to be. Love is the essence of the book.

Tickets $10, drinks available for purchase.